Terms of Service

1. Voting

You may only vote for a particular server once every day. Voting must be carried out in person and on this website, not through the use of any automated voting scripts, bots or programs. The trading or sale of votes between different servers is strictly forbidden. Players may only be encouraged to vote (in-game or otherwise) for the listing of the server from which they have been sent. Encouraging votes from one server to the listing of another server, even if it is owned by the same individual or group, is strictly forbidden.

2. Server Content

You are only permitted to add a server to top.mc-lounge.com if you are the owner of the server or if you have been given explicit permission by the owner. You may only create one listing for the same server, multiple listings will be removed. Once a server has been added you agree that top.mc-lounge.com can make regular attempts to gather and store data from your server (players online, version, MOTD etc...) and display this on our website. As a server owner you agree not to upload any pornographic, illegal, racist or hateful content as part of the server details (banner, name, description etc...).

3. Removal of Servers

Top.mc-lounge.com reserves the right to remove any server at any time with or without prior notice. A server may be removed for a number of reasons including, but not limited to: Inappropriate server details (banner, name, description etc...) Abuse of the voting system Low uptime (servers older than 10 days are automatically removed if the uptime falls below 25%) Anything other than the exact server name in the name field We reserve the right to modify or remove individual server details (banner, name, description etc...) without prior notice when they are deemed inappropriate but not to the extent that warrants a complete removal of the server.

4. Sponsored Servers

We reserve the right to change the method by which sponsored slots are allocated from month to month and also the quantity and nature of the slots. By placing a bid during an auction you are agreeing that if your bid is in the top 5 when the auction closes (a winning bid) you will pay the full amount within 48 hours of the auction ending. Payments can be made using PayPal. You may also be obliged to pay if another server fails to do so (or is deleted) and your bid moves into the top 5 bids. If this situation arises payment is expected within 24 hours of us giving notice. Failure to pay will result in the permanent removal of your server (and any other servers you own) from the website. We reserve the right to remove bids at any point during and after the auction provided payment has not been made. Sponsored server slots are non-refundable and are provided 'as-is' with no guarantee of uptime or site traffic included.